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Women of success Richa Kar and Zivame Founder

Richa is the prideful founder of Zivame online lingerie store. It comes from a Hebrew word ‘Ziva’ meaning radiance. The way women were thinking and buying their wear has changed practically. Zivame has managed to teach Indian women in intimate wear throughout the country.

Richa, bravingly pulling out timidity and adding an element of fashion, grew up at Jamshedpur and finished BITS Pilani’s engineering. She worked for a short period in the field of IT and in 2007 obtained a Masters’ degree in management studies from Narsee Monjee Institute. She then cooperated with a global technology company and retailer.

What made her come across in a conservative country such as India with this unique idea of selling women wear online. When asked, she said, ‘It was around March when I realised that during the Valentine’s day sales period, there is a high increase in orders. Fast a quarter of sales were generated online from the lingerie maker.”

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