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Why didn’t Indira Gandhi get along with her husband…?

Feroze Gandhi was an outspoken supporter of ideologies. In Parliament, anything is permissible. However, if what is said is reported, the journalist will face legal consequences.

In response to this trend, Feroz introduced an individual bill in parliament. That became known as the ‘Feroze Gandhi Press Act.’

This law has a fascinating backstory. 15 years after her husband’s disappearance, Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency and trashed the law.

The law, however, was later re-enacted by the ruling Janata Party. This appears to have harmed Feroze Gandhi’s pride.

Feroz and Indira were having a heated argument about everything. They were particularly conflicted about how to raise their children. Politically, they held opposing viewpoints.

“Over time, Indira and I developed a friendly rivalry.” Others, I believed, should be left to their own devices.

Indira, on the other hand, was adamant about being the “Mother of India.” Indira desired complete control over all powers. She was opposed to India’s federal philosophy.”

“Indira believed that India had not advanced sufficiently to function as a federal state, but Feroz disagreed. Feroze supported federalism in India, whereas Indira supported concentration.

True, Indira Gandhi was successful in downplaying Feroze Gandhi’s role in democracy.

But they did have one thing in common that wasn’t so significant. Both were concerned about the garden’s upkeep.

Indira praised Feroz for this in a letter to her father, who was imprisoned in Ahmednagar fort on November 22, 1943. “I’m not sure what he would have done if he hadn’t looked after the garden. There were weeds everywhere two months ago. They’ve all been cut down, and the ground is now level “..

There are rumours that Feroze Gandhi had extramarital affairs with other women. Men have also claimed to have had an affair with Indira.

All those rumours are meaningless in light of Feroz and Indira’s contributions to India’s development. They both had a love-hate relationship.

Indira was jolted awake by Feroze’s protest against Indira Gandhi over the dissolution of the Kerala government. He resigned as the All India Congress Party’s leader before the end of his term.

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