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When Pakistan played India, Babar Azam’s mother was on a ventilator, according to his father.

In their first T20 World Cup match, Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets, with skipper Babar Azam contributing heavily to the victory with an unbeaten 68. His mother was on ventilator support during the play on October 24 after undergoing surgery, according to the batsman’s father.

Babar Azam’s father took to Instagram to say that his son has been in a lot of pain while leading his side to successive victories. “It’s past time for my country to learn the truth. Congratulations on your victories in each of the three games. At our house, there was a significant test. Babar’s mother was on a ventilator on the day the match played against India. Babar was in excruciating pain throughout all three matches. I’m not interested in coming here. It was intended to be, but I came to ensure Babar’s health “On one of his Instagram posts, Mr. Azam Siddiqui wrote.

Babar’s father said, “Sharing a handful of images of the family, “By God’s blessing, he is presently in good health. The goal of sharing is to avoid unfairly criticising our national heroes. If you acquire a job, you’ll have to take exams as well. Pakistan is still alive and well.” Pakistan qualified for the men’s T20 World Cup 2021 semi-finals after defeating Namibia in the Super 12.

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