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What happened to Rashmi’s great heart that shocked netizens???

Corona is rapidly spreading throughout the world and affecting everyone. Not only ordinary people, but even celebrities, have suffered greatly as a result of this disease, with a few also losing their lives. Rashi Gautham works as an anchor for a dance competition, and the parents of one of the contestants tested positive for Corona. As a result, rashmi decided to help her family, and she used social media as a platform to ask her fans to join her in this good cause. She said that dancer Pavithra is well-known to everyone and that she is having a lot of problems because she does not have.

Pavithra’s parents tested positive for corona, and her father died because there was no adequate medical facility or care. As a result, Rashi said that we should all rally behind her during this difficult period. Rashi Gautham mentioned that her Instagram account has 3.3 million followers and that if each of them donated one rupee, it would be a huge help. If everyone did so, we would be able to raise nearly 2 lakh rupees, which would be extremely beneficial to the Pavithra family. She also mentioned that everyone is suffering as a result of corona, but Pavithra’s situation is particularly dire.

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