Steal This Elegant Strapless Look From Disha Patani's Closet

Disha Patani dresses up like a Barbie doll in a dark green little dress, gloves, and a pastel yellow strapless top. 

In a dark blue pair of jeans and a black strapless top, Disha Patani shows off her toned body.

 In a strapless tube top, a checkered miniskirt, and a furry white jacket, Disha Patani radiates. 

Disha Patani looks hot in a white shrug and strapless bikini.  

With a red strapless bodycon dress, Disha Patani resembles a red rose.  

Disha Patani looks stunning in a black corsetless dress. 

With a black outfit and a satin blue strapless corset top, Disha Patani shows off her toned arms. 

In a black gown with a side thigh-high slit and golden flowers, Disha Patani looks stunning.

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