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Vijay Sethupathi contributes to the revival of old Tamils’ decrepit Street Theatre Art!

Street theatre is one of the Tamil people’s traditional arts. It is experiencing a significant decline these days as a result of new forms of arts and urbanisation. Makkal Selvan ’s act to restore the art has now been lauded by all.

Street theatre is one of Tamil Nadu’s oldest arts. Traditional street theatre art dates back many centuries. Hundreds of artists are working to nurture and preserve it in a variety of challenging conditions so that it can be passed down to the next generation. However, the livelihoods of such artists remain under jeopardy.

The government has started offering cash help to ailing street entertainers on a monthly basis. Dr. L Ramachandran, a well-known international photographer, has made a special effort to improve their lives. He has developed a worldwide standard photographic core to capture the life of street performers and the distinct identity of street theatre art.

Vijay Sethupathi appeared as a model in one of the series’ photoshoots. In these images, VJS is depicted as a street theatrical performer. The versatile actor’s ‘Street Theatre Artist’ monthly calendar was unveiled today. Makkal Selvan has devoted hours of his busy schedule to putting on the makeup for his work as a street theatre performer.

“I aim to engage in a classic initiative called ‘Street Artist’ to promote street art, one of the cultural features of Tamil Nadu, and the livelihood of artists,” Ramachandran said of Vijay Sethupathi. In this regard, I approached my dear buddy ‘Makkal Selvan’ Vijay Sethupathi. When he learned about the lives of street artists, he quickly decided to give my photography style artwork his complete support and assistance. Despite his overwhelming job, he commits time to photoshooting for the calendar without fail in order to improve the livelihood of street artists. In addition to working on this piece of art, I’ve been patiently keeping up with the street performers for makeup that can continue for hours.Vijaya Sethupathi’s advocacy for the economic progress of street entertainers is unparalleled. It’s impossible to put into words.”

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