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There’s a reason Soundarya hasn’t done any revealing – Aamani

The term “soundarya” is self-explanatory. She was a well-known heroine in her time and was also known as Abinava Savithri. She is a talented actress with a wide following. However, she sadly died in a plane crash when she was just 31 years old. Even after her death, film buffs can’t get enough of her. She starred in over 100 films in a number of languages. Despite this, she is uninterested in a glamour display.

There were several heroines competing with her at the time who used to do glamour shows. Soundarya, on the other hand, is never involved in doing so. She used to reveal her waistline on occasion, but she never went any further. Despite this, she remained one of the most famous heroines for nearly a decade.

Soundarya just had a few colleagues, and one of them is Aamani. When Aamani asked her about revealing herself, she said she didn’t like it because after marriage, we shouldn’t feel ashamed when we watch movies with our husbands and families. This is her answer. That is Soundarya’s attitude, and that is the reason she has stayed at the top.

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