The Varisu film crew has reserved the time for the audio launch.

Following the success of Thalapathy Vijay’s master, he is starring in Vamshi’s telugu film Varisu. Thozha, starring Karthi and Nagarjuna, was previously directed by Vamshi in Tamil. It was just stated that Varisu will be published on Pongal, and updates about this movie are becoming increasingly popular. Ajith’s Thunivu release, Udhayanidhi’s intervention, the theatre allotment issue, the glitch in the telugu release, and if Varisu will be published on Pongal have all received criticism in the interim. In this instance, the movie Varisu’s audio release date has been made public.

The soundtrack premiere party for Varisu, starring Thalapathy Vijay, will take place on December 24 in Chennai’s Nehru Indoor Stadium. Much more people are looking forward to Vijay’s movie’s audio release than it is to its actual screening. Thalapathy’s address to the crowd is the cause of this. Vijay, who was constantly mute, used the audio launch as a pretext to exact revenge on his adversaries in the movie Sarkar. After that, his speech at the bigil and master audio launch parties can be claimed to have been a blast. This was unexpected by his fans.

On these forums, Vijay typically engages in political discourse and shares a brief narrative. However, due to Edappadi Palaniswami’s administration at the previous audio launch, Vijay was allowed to discuss politics with ease. It is a little uncertain whether he will discuss politics now that DMK is in charge. If there is a difficulty with Varisu’s release date, Vijay will undoubtedly bring up politics. His admirers are anticipating him to discuss it this time because Vijay and Ajith are collaborating on films again after an eight-year break. Fans are anticipating more from the following tracks because the Ranjithame song has already been published and is trending.

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