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Stalin is only one click away when a new website is launched for a cell

Chennai: The government of Tamilnadu has launched a new Cell CEO website.

People could register their grievances in the portal, Sources said. Sources also added that the current status of the complaint can be found on the Website.

It should be noted that the Chief Minister of Your Constituency has been created solely to resolve requests received by Chief Minister Mk Stalin during the election campaign.

In 100 days after DMK came to power, the Chief Minister promised to settle the petitions. Overall, about four lakh petitions in 72 wooden boxes and 275 cardboard boxes were received from all districts.

The Chief Minister handed these petitions in Your Department on 9 May to IAS Officer Shilpa Prabhakar Satish, Special Officer of CM. These petitions are being recorded by the TN e-Governance Agency.

A Tamil Nadu minister defies a flying squad search and is arrested.!!

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