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Simbu and Sivaangi join up.

Sivaangi rose to stardom as a singer on the ‘Super Singer’ show before making a surprise comedic appearance in ‘Cooku With Comali’ and its sequel. She has finally made her way to the big screen, starring in Sivakarthikeyan’s next film ‘Don’ and Mirchi Shiva’s ‘Kasedhan Kaduvulada.’

Sivaangi has recently teamed up with Simbu for a duet song called “Machi” in M.S. John Rupert’s upcoming film “Mayan.” Rajesh Kanna directed the film, which stars Vinod Mohan and Bindu Madhavi in the key roles. “I have sang a great single for the film, Mayan,” Sivaangi wrote on social media. Simbu sir and I sung the song together. I hope you enjoy it. Please listen to the music and provide feedback.”

The cast and crew of ‘Mayan’ are gushing about Sivaangi’s flawless rendition of “Machi,” which matches Simbu’s fervour. The song will be released soon, and the film will be released later this year, according to the team.

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