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Shocking! Uma Maheshwari of Metti Oli fame died unexpectedly.

‘Metty Oli,’ helmed by Thirumurugan, was one of Sun TV’s most popular mega serials from 2002 to 2005. It is being re-telecast after fifteen years because the issue of family bonding and women’s role in it is still important. Viji, the wife of the hero Gopi, was played by , who became quite popular due to her natural performance.

Uma Maheshwari died abruptly today, October 17th, according to the terrible news. Gayathrie Shashtri, her co-star in ‘,’ has shared the news and paid respect on social media.

Uma Maheshwari was the younger sister of actress Vanaja, who also appeared in ‘Metti Oli’ as her older sister. Her younger sister is Sunitha. Uma married Murugan a few years ago, and the couple lived in Chennai’s Kattupakkam. On social media, Kollywood celebrities have expressed their shock over Uma’s unexpected death. RIP!

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