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Priya Mani Raj looks stunning in a sky blue skirt-set for “Dhee Kings.”

We frequently find it difficult to choose between Indian and western clothing, therefore we choose for Indo-western. Indo-western costumes have recently surpassed their parents in popularity and are frequently preferred on most occasions. Check out this one worn by actress Raj for “ Kings Vs. Queens!” if you like these hybrids as much as we do. Poornima N S designed the sky blue outfit for Pret.

Take a look at the ensemble by scrolling down.

The clothing is entirely covered with red abstract designs. While the skirt is gathered at the waist and has a decorative waist, the bustier is plain. She also wore it with a long jacket with short sleeves.

She accessorised with Being by P.S. gold earrings and a bracelet. We also approve of her decision to pair her outfit with a pair of black strappy sandals. The outfit was completed with braided hair, precise eye makeup, and red lips.

At the "Gamanam" promotions, Shriya Saran wears a knitted black top with a white skirt.

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