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Poorna dresses up in a denim top and a Benarasi skirt for “Dhee Kings”!

A variety of alternatives for styling a skirt can be found on a variety of websites. As a result, it is one of the most popular ethnic and western cuisines. Denim outfits and different types of denim have a devoted following. What if we told you that you could have it both ways? Poorna, one of the permanent judges on “Dhee Kings,” has graced us with her most recent outfit for the show, and we are blown away.

Scroll down to see how she dressed a blue shirt with a Kowshiki Couture navy blue benarasi skirt–

A full-sleeved washed blue denim shirt and a voluminous pattu skirt made up the two-piece ensemble. Her skirt was knotted mid-waist, and she rolled up the sleeves of her plain shirt. The skirt’s charm is based on the silver floral zari that covers it and the fringed hemline.

A black thread studded rusted silver neckpiece completed her ensemble. Her attractiveness was enhanced by her loose hair, reddened cheeks, winged eyes, and bare lips.

Faraz Manan's nude pink cape set on Alia Bhatt!

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