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“OTT is the present as well as the future.” Richa Chadda

The rise of OTT platforms has altered the entertainment landscape in numerous ways, and as it has evolved as a medium that exists alongside cinema, there are frequent discussions about which is superior and how they can coexist. OTTs have been favoured by a number of actors because they provide possibilities for underappreciated actors and innovative ideas, and is the most recent addition to the list.

The talented actor discussed how the media conquered the industry in such a short period of time and why it is so significant. “All those who argued OTT can’t replace films are now hunting and running about to produce OTT projects and expedite,” she was cited by Koimoi. OTT is the present and the future, and it will continue to grow and evolve. With the influx of global behemoths into India, I believe the overall quality of the series will only rise.”

Richa continued by citing examples of talented actors who have benefited from OTT series and films. “It has brought in a lot of incredible talent, such as Prateik Gandhi and Jaideep Ahlawat, and it has given the fans the opportunity to see their favourite performers, such as Shefali Shah and Manisha Koirala, in newer parts. This isn’t to argue that going to the movies is a thing of the past. No. Both, I feel, will coexist “Richa stated.

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