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On This Day (18-11-2021)

Today (18-11-2021)

  • 2004 Dhanush & Aishwarya Rajinikanth tied the knot on 18-11-2004.#Dhanush #Aishwarya R. Dhanush
  • 2006 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tied the knot on 18-11-2006.#Tom Cruise #Katie Holmes
  • 2009 Prakash Raj & Lalitha Kumari divorced on 18-11-2009.#Prakash Raj #Lalitha Kumari

  • 2017 Lekha Washington & Pablo Chaterji tied the knot on 18-11-2017.#Lekha Washington
  • 2018 Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi became the parents of their 1st child (a baby girl named Mehr Dhupia Bedi) on 18-11-2018.#Neha Dhupia #Angad Bedi
  • 1971 Vedantam Raghavaiah died in 18-11-1971 in India. He died at age of 52.#Vedantam Raghavaiah
  • 1978 Dhirendra Nath Ganguly died on 18-11-1978 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He died at age of 85.#Dhirendra Nath Ganguly
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