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Mira instructs her kid to stop sticking, and he responds with a cute response!

One of Bollywood’s most renowned couples is and . They typically give us relational goals to work towards. Mira, in particular, is very active on social media, regularly uploading photos and information about her life. From selfies to photographs with her family, the famous wife offers tips and strategies for good health and fitness. She, too, has a considerable fan base. On the other side, she shared an instagram snapshot of her and her son Zain having a pleasant conversation on Sunday.

It grabbed the attention of social media users right away. With a snapshot of her kid, Mira commented, “Zain, now that Papa’s back, can you stop sticking to me.” No, Mama, I’m sticking with you and Papa for the time being.” In the photo, the famous wife is wearing a floral pattern kurta with her hair in a bun. She is not wearing any makeup and is displaying her naturally flawless skin. She even added an indian touch to her costume by wearing a crimson bindi on her forehead. Zain, her child, is occupying himself in the backseat. His image has a fuzzy quality to it.

She posted below a sunkissed selfie of herself, “Isn’t it hoodie climate?” Shahid’s wife was dressed in a black and white sweatshirt and smiling in the light. Mira had skipped the make-up and left her hair down for the day. As soon as she posted the shot, fans swamped the comment section with heart emoticons. One of the readers also wrote the word ‘awesome.’ Mira is the mother of two children, Zain and Misha.

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