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Makapa Anand, an actor-presenter, earns this much for hosting just one episode.

Makapa Anand is a well-known television anchor, and his salary has recently been a source of contention among fans. Makapa began his career as a radio jockey and has spent the last six years in Dubai working for Radio Mirchi. On Vijay TV, he made his debut as a television presenter for the show Cinema Kaaram Coffee, alongside debutant co-host Priyanka Deshpande.

According to reports, the actor and presenter is paid Rs 1,000,000 for hosting one episode of any reality show. His fans are praising Makapa for being deserving of such a salary after hearing his salary.

Makapa Anand gradually gained popularity among the general public and has worked as an anchor for Vijay TV for several years. In 2014, he made his silver screen debut with the film Vanavarayan Vallavarayan. After that, he appeared in films such as Navaratha Tilak, Peanuts, Atti, Mustache Twist, Panchu Mittai, and Manik.

He has hosted a number of popular shows, including Super Singer, Kings of the Dance, Mrs Chinnathirai, Mr. and Mrs. (Seasons 1, 2, and 3), Athu Ithu Ethu, KPY Champions, and Start Music. Priyanka Deshpande is currently hosting the Start Music show, which she previously hosted while competing on Bigg Boss.

Television reality shows have been a major factor in the increase in the TRP rating of channels that have wowed viewers. Star Vijay TV has been at the forefront of presenting reality shows to viewers for many years.

None of the Vijay TV reality shows have gone unnoticed. Reality shows on Vijay TV have the most fans and supporters. One of the main reasons Vijay TV’s reality shows are so popular is because of the anchors, who include Divya Dharshini, also known as DD, Niya Nana Gopinath, Priyanka Deshpande, Archana, Rakshan, Erode Mahesh, and many others.

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