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Khawaja is collaborating with the Cricket Australia to increase South Asian representation in Australian cricket.

About a decade after becoming the first Muslim to wear the baggy green following a brush with bigotry, batsman Usman Khawaja is working with Australia to secure more South Asian participation in his adopted country’s cricketing ecosystem.

When he made his international debut in an Ashes Test at the SCG, his home ground, in 2011, the top-order batter became Australia’s first Muslim and first player of Pakistani origin.

Khawaja has frequently discussed the difficulties he has encountered in his pursuit to play top-level cricket in Australia.

“It’s a lot better now,” Khawaja was cited by ESPNCricinfo as saying.

“I see a lot more cricketers from the subcontinent coming up through the state levels in Australia, something we didn’t see when I was growing up, even while I was playing.”

“I was playing domestic cricket, and I was the lone player from the subcontinent.” “Right now, it’s probably just myself and a few people.”

When Pakistan played India, Babar Azam's mother was on a ventilator, according to his father.

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