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Kamala Harris- on the verge of being expelled…?

In a few days, US President Joe Biden will hand over power to Vice President . According to the information received, ‘Biden’s colonoscopy was performed under anaesthesia. This was the reason, Biden, for temporarily delegating all of his powers to Kamala Harris.

The White House, the President’s official residence and office, provided this information. Joe Biden will temporarily relinquish all rights to Kamala Harris on Friday.

Joe Biden’s colonoscopy entails inserting a tube through the anus and using a camera to examine the entire large intestine. This can be used to identify intestinal issues.

Doctors anaesthetized him for treatment. The transfer of power between President Joe Biden and Vice President Joe Biden, while not temporary, is significant because the two leaders have recently been at odds for some reason.

Attempts are being made to depose Kamala Harris from power, according to officials close to him. Harris, according to Biden’s team, is attempting to play games with the American people.

On top of that, Harris’ approval rating dropped significantly last month when compared to Joe Biden’s. As a result, the possibility of Harris being removed from his position as Vice President was discussed in political circles.

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