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Kajal Aggarwal looks positively beautiful in a Payal Khandwala handwoven silk tunic!

Silk is a shimmering cloth that exudes beauty. When you choose a silk-based traditional dress, you will still look regal. If you’re still unsure, take a look at Aggarwal’s most recent appearance.

For her movie promotions, wore a silk tunic-pant ensemble by Payal Khandwala. The fabric had a staggering stripes pattern and was handwoven with metallic thread. The dress’s sharp neckline echoes the pattern’s strict geometry, while the lowered shoulders and deep slits at the side seam allow for easy movement.

Red palazzo pants were worn with the tunic. She accessorised with silver jewellery, which included a simple choker and a bracelet. She completed her look with a pair of red heels that matched the colour of her pants. Finally, she had a part of her hair tied in the back and the rest in the front. She completed her look with some nude make-up.

During the pandemic, Kajal Aggarwal made a humanitarian gesture.

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