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Is Rakul Preet Married and Ready to Be a Housewife?

has made her feelings for actor and producer Jackky Bhagnani public. The actress tweeted a romantic photo of the couple holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes earlier this week. Since then, their followers and friends have been waiting for them to marry. Rakul Preet Singh has broke her silence and revealed her wedding rumour, claiming she would be the first to report on it if and when the wedding happens.

Rakul Preet and Jackky may marry in 2022, according to media reports and rumours. De De Pyaar is a fictional character who appears in the film De De Pyaar. “I simply believe that people should not speculate and should wait for the facts to emerge,” the well-known actress stated. My current focus is on my work, which includes the ten projects I’m now working on as well as future projects that are coming in.

Everything else will happen when the moment is right.” She went on to say that she has always been open about her life and that if that step is necessary, she will be the first to speak up, as she did this time. Rakul Preet Singh recently appeared in Tollywood as the female lead in Krish’s directorial debut Kondapolam, alongside Vaishnav Tej. Unfortunately, the movie bombed at the box office.

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