October 1, Saturday, 2022
Saturday, October 1, 2022

In response to Blue Sattai Maran’s remark about “Iravin Nizhal,” fans burn his effigy.

The audience has responded favourably to R Parthiban’s “Iravin Nizhal,” which has been hailed as the first single-shot non-linear movie ever made. However, discussions have been raised by “Anti Indian” director Blue Sattai Maran’s criticism of the movie, namely his debunking of the claim that “Iravin Nizhal” is not the first single-shot non-linear movie ever made. In order to vent their displeasure, some of R Parthiban’s supporters who couldn’t handle the criticism torched the effigy of Blue Sattai Maran.

R Parthiban had previously contacted Blue Sattai Maran via social media and questioned him why he hadn’t addressed the accusations before the movie’s premiere given that he had been pushing “Iravin Nizhal” as the first single-shot non-linear picture in the world for a while.

In contrast, Brigida Saga, who had a significant part in “Iravin Nizhal,” made a contentious comment about the movie and has since been the target of cyberbullying. The actress later apologised, and R Parthiban also did so to her followers, and the controversy eventually died down.

R Parthiban, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Priyanka Ruth, Brigida Saga, Sneha Kumar, Anand Krishnan, Chandru, and Rekha Nair all play significant roles in the 90-minute single-shot movie “Iravin Nizhal.” The soundtrack was composed by AR Rahman, and it increases the tension throughout the movie.

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