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In Gautham and Sitar’s matters, I will be very strict…!

The love a mother has for her child is unlike anything else on the planet. It has little regard for the law or for pity. It dares everything and ruthlessly crushes everything that stands in its way. Today, however, is International Mother’s Day (May 9). Namrata Shirodkar, ’s wife, spoke to the media on this occasion and expressed her love for her children.

Namrata recently replied to a question about how she cares for both of her children in a recent interview. She also said that she would devote her full attention to the children, honouring their wishes and informing them of good and bad news. She did say, however, that no child enjoys reading in the same way, so she will be strict when reading to their children. Also, being told to be as humble as possible has taught me modesty.

Games, in addition to education, are vital to Namrata’s children. Gautam enjoys going swimming. Sithara, likewise, said that she enjoys dancing. She claims that raising both of her children has never been difficult for her. How will there be tension when there are two or three children in the house? Humility recognises that our children are all the same.

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- விளம்பரம் -