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In an orange tie-dyed saree for “Dhee Kings!” Priya Mani Raj turns heads.

Actress Priyamani Raj, who dazzles us with her western wear, has decided to show us some of her cultural wear as well. Priya chose this unconventional number to convey her love for traditionally patterned sarees. The beauty wore an orange saree by Baisa Crafts for the newest episode of “ Kings Vs. Queens.”

See how she styled the classic patterned saree by scrolling down.

The plain saree is Shibori tie-dyed in black and is devoid of any decorations. The prints on the body and pallu add to the elegance of the piece. Priya added drama to the look by pairing it with an H&M full-sleeved turtlenecked crop shirt.

She went for a set of oxidised silver bangles and matching jhumkas, opting for big items. The look was completed with a blend of orange and black eye makeup, contoured cheeks, a pleated bun, and orange lips.

Esha Gupta, an actress, brings saree fashion to new heights!

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- விளம்பரம் -