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In a Tamil Nadu village, a baby girl dies after falling from her cradle.

: A two-month-old girl died Wednesday after falling off a cradle in her home in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu.

On Monday, M Jeevika was sleeping in the cradle at a height of about three feet. She fell off the cradle and was injured.

Her parents rushed her to the nearby hospital, where she was taken to the Rajaji Government Hospital. The child died on Wednesday while undergoing treatment at GRH.

On the basis of a complaint filed by her father, A Muthuramalingam, the Elumalai police registered a case under Section 174 (suspicious death) of the CrPC. Muthuramalingam is a worker.

The police were waiting for a post-mortem report. In this case, they said the chances of a female infanticide were lower, as it was the first child of Muthuramalingam and his wife.

A few incidents of female infanticides have been reported in the Usilampatti belt in the last year.

Mamata was denied permission to leave the review conference by the PM, according to government sources.

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