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In a floral saree, Kangana Ranaut exudes classic summer vibes at the airport!

is one of those actresses who makes the news with every step she makes. With her clever comments, she knows how to get people’s attention. Her quirky fashion, on the other hand, knows how to draw everyone’s attention.

To get a better look at her latest airport look, scroll down.

Kangana Ranaut arrived at the airport looking lovely in a pink floral saree. Her blouse had a plunged V-neckline and was simple and strappy.

The fabric of the saree was a lighter shade with multi-colored floral printing all over it. The margins, however, were the same colour as the blouse.

She accessorised with traditional pieces like beaded earrings, brown tones, and a tiny black bindi. Her tiny pink quilted handbag was also the centre of focus.

Her hair was pulled back into a bun in the back, and she finished the look with a pair of white strappy heels.

Kangana Ranaut's latest airport look was a sight to behold!

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- விளம்பரம் -