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Hansika Motwani attends the trailer premiere of “My Name Is Shruti”!

“My Name Is Shruti” is one of ’s most eagerly anticipated films. The Telugu production is also her 52nd venture, making it unique. The teaser for the film, which is known to be a thriller, was released on the last day. It has already received over a million views. She donned a black one-shoulder top and wide-leg slacks to the occasion.

Take a peek at the photos below to see how stunning they were.

Abstract prints in white, red, green, and yellow were used on the top. The pants, on the other hand, had no designs or ornamentation and depended only on their cut and construction. Finally, a gold buckled belt embellished with stones provided drama to the ensemble.

She didn’t wear any accessories because she wanted to keep the outfit casual. She did, however, wear a pair of black sandals that we thought were perfect. The style was finished with curly hair, flushed cheeks, winged eyes, maroon eye shadow, and glossy lips.

Priya Mani Raj looks stunning in a sky blue skirt-set for "Dhee Kings."

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