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For Maatru Devo Bhava Srija Reddy is an example.

There is no deity beyond the mother, as per Hindu theology. Therefore, as Matru Deva Bhava, we worship mother. Another form of that mother is Dr. sreejareddy.

Even before they start working properly, there are many problems for children, such as problems of mental development, sensory problems of the organ etc, which lead to parental depression. Autism is the most important issue. Autism is a developmental disorder characterised by social communication difficulties and by limited and repetitive behaviour.

Our country has no adequate means of dealing with these issues. They don’t have all kinds of therapies, even if we have some centres. We must opt for foreign speech therapy. All parents find it very difficult to treat their children with such treatments.

In their kid Samhith, pair identified the problem. From experience, Pinnacle Blooms began in the country for the first time and offered all treatments in one place. They serve the children very cheaply and they felt the problems of thousands of mothers. There is therefore no exaggeration in saying that Matru Devo Bhava is the best example.

Vandhana Luthra Healthcare Limited Founder of VLCC

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- விளம்பரம் -