October 1, Saturday, 2022
Saturday, October 1, 2022


A lady was detained for reportedly arranging four separate kidnappings in order to demand money from her mother.

According to a foreign news organisation, the woman demanded $50,000 from her mother. Her lover and his family had helped her come up with the scheme.

She shared a phoney video of herself getting bloodied and blindfolded. In the video, the woman threatened to be killed by “kidnappers” if the police learned about the incident.

“Mommy. In the video, the woman was heard saying, “They kidnapped me. “You are not allowed to speak with the cops. The woman said that she had been denied food and abused. “If you do, they’ll murder me,” she warned.

She was taken into custody, along with four other people, from a casino in Los Angeles. They are accused of extortion as well as other crimes.

The suspect has already forced her mother to give up at least $45,000 three times.

It is important to note that people have faked being in hazardous situations in order to further their goals.

Before arranging his kidnapping, a 19-year-old man named Brandon Soules in Coolidge City, Arizona, provided a puzzling alibi to avoid work. However, his stunt was a failure because the police detained him on suspicion of making false reports.

However, his stunt did not endure long. He was detained for making false statements. His crime was acknowledged.

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