Fact-Checking Policy

TopNewsThamizh (hereinafter referred to as “TopNewsThamizh” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”) would like to educate you about the care and caution that We take to ensure that Our material is accurate, as outlined in Our Fact-Checking Policy.

Due correctness in all of Our Content

a) TopNewsThamizh is dedicated to publishing accurate information in all of its publications. To assure accuracy, we take a number of steps: We look at assertions with scepticism, examine assumptions, and put conventional wisdom to the test.

b) We are dedicated to ensuring that all of its output is accurate. This dedication is critical to our brand and audience confidence. The term ‘due’ suggests that the accuracy must be acceptable and appropriate for the output, taking into account the subject and type of the content, and that any constraints that may influence that expectation must be expressly mentioned/underlined.

c) This means that all of our output must be well-sourced, based on accessible evidence, and corroborated, as relevant to its content and character. We try to be transparent and honest about what we don’t know and avoid speculating on things we don’t know.

d) Our writers never intentionally plagiarise or knowingly misrepresent facts or context, including visual information.

e) We seek independent confirmation from sources to confirm claims, information, and allegations, particularly those made by public officials or anyone with a motive other than reporting the truth. Claims, claims, substantive facts, and other non-corroborated content are usually ascribed.

f) TopNewsThamizh guarantees the accuracy of the material it publishes. We change the news item/information as soon as feasible if it is confirmed to be false. We never purposefully or substantially mislead our audiences. We don’t make up facts or offer made-up stuff as facts because we don’t want our listeners to lose faith in what we’re saying. We acknowledge major factual errors and promptly, clearly, and appropriately correct them.

g) We provide the public a fair chance to report any mistakes or errors in our reporting by including a comment option at the bottom of every web storey we post.

h) The primary role of our writers is to report, write, and fact-check stories. One or more editors will look through your storey. For stories that demand due diligence, TopNewsThamizh has a multi-level fact-checking mechanism. The seniority of editors who evaluate an article before it is published is determined by a variety of criteria, including the story’s complexity, sensitivity, and time constraints.