October 1, Saturday, 2022
Saturday, October 1, 2022

Exclusive information about how Brahmastra’s adversary was cast by Mouni Roy: I was drawn into the world right away.

In a recent interview, Bollywood actress Mouni Roy, who is getting ready for the premiere of her next movie Brahmastra, discussed how she got to the seven-year-long project. The movie will now be released on September 9, 2022, in theatres.

Mouni discussed how she landed the “most interesting job” of her career in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama, including how it evolved from a minor cameo to the film’s primary adversary. “So, in London, I was going for Gold. And I recall that it was a free day and that it had been lightly raining. And from where we were filming, I can’t recall which abbey we visited, but we did. Additionally, Mukesh Chhabra called me. So, when he called and inquired about my whereabouts, I said, “I’m in London.

“Do you want to perform a special appearance in this significant movie that Ayan is making? he asked,” she continued. Alia, Ranbir, and Bachchan Sr. are present. Yeah, of course, I replied. When will you be back? he enquired. I promised to return in a week. I returned, and I still recall our first encounter with Ayan. You see, that same evening, I seem to recall playing at an awards ceremony. So, I questioned him about how long the meeting would last. Consequently, he responded, “No, it won’t; it will probably take about 10 minutes.” I therefore said, “Okay,” but I immediately entered for the meeting. Three and a half hours into the meeting, I can still remember leaving.

“So, Ayan and I kind of got talking,” Mouni continued. He also kind of outlined to me the world of Brahmastra, how he had imagined it, and how he would be putting a lot of effort into it over a long period of time. And I was immediately sucked into the world. In fact, as he tells everyone, I joined the project as a special appearance before taking on a larger role and ultimately becoming the major antagonist of the movie. Therefore, even after I joined the film, it has been a voyage.

Speaking of Brahmstra, it’s a fantasy adventure drama built around ideas from Indian mythology. Produced by Dharma Productions, it was written, produced, and directed by Ayan Mukerji. It’s also been reported that Deepika Padukone will have a significant cameo in the movie. It is the first movie to pair real-life couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. On September 9, the movie will be available in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.

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