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Vastu recommendations for planning a newborn baby’s room

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science.

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Every couple has always considered welcoming a new life into the world to be a very special occasion. Parents can use our age-old Indian science of Vastu Shastra to build an atmosphere full of positive energy that can go a long way in helping a child develop, in addition to taking all appropriate steps recommended by paediatricians.

The importance of the sun’s rays cannot be overstated.

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The most important aspect of a child’s room is that it receives plenty of sunlight, especially in the early morning hours. The morning sun rays not only bring in a lot of good energy, but they also destroy the majority of germs in the baby’s room.

The sleeping quarters

Infants’ sleeping arrangements should be restricted to the northeast. The regions of the north, north-east, and east are ideal for an infant’s room.

The cradle

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The crib should be positioned 2 to 3 feet away from the wall and in the exact south-west corner of the bed. The child’s head should be turned to the south or west when sleeping.

A good night’s sleep is important.

The child’s head should be turned to the south or west when sleeping.

Maintain equilibrium

Proper balance in the house’s north west area, which is associated with the air factor, helps infants avoid respiratory problems.

The mystical properties of rock salt

The presence of raw or rock salt in the infant’s room aids in the absorption of harmful energies. This salt, on the other hand, should be replaced on a regular basis.

Take note of the colours.

Dark and heavy colours should be avoided, and careful attention should be paid to the use of soft, light, and vibrant colours in the child’s room. And the toys that your child plays with should be bright and colourful.

Mental development is crucial.

In the child’s room, pictures or photographs portraying scenes of harmony, spirituality, and inspiration should be shown. This will aid in the proper development of their minds. Sunflower paintings, in particular, stimulate the pituitary gland, aiding mental development.

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