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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The special effort of Raashii Khanna to feed needy and animals

Raashii Khanna has created a #BeTheMiracle initiative that aims to provide food for the pandemic’s people and animals.

In order to extend their powers to helping animals too, she has partnered with non profit organisations such as Roti Bank.

When he spoke of it, Raashi said, ‘It is disheartening to see people suffering from the pandemic. I have a team that is brave enough to witness what people are going through during the pandemic. For many families, it’s really bad and some of them literally starve of starvation. I think people would come up and donate willingly. It must not be an exorbitant amount.

We must realise that we are all together and can only overcome these difficult times if we are united.” Raashii has Tughlaq Darbar in Tamil, with Aranmanai 3 on his front.

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