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Srija Reddy, Pinnacle Blooms-Definition of Motherhood-Autism Solution

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Creating an organisation is not a simple task. Taking on organisational accountability, conducting ongoing assessments, and periodically reviewing job performance takes a lot of time and effort. In particular, for a children’s welfare organisation. All of this is about Mrs.Srija reddy saripalli, who founded an Autism Center to treat children with the disorder. When their only son Samhit was diagnosed with this condition, she rose to the occasion. She did a lot of research and discovered that with the right medication, it could be healed.

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She now runs a charity called ‘Pinnacle Blooms,’ where many children, including her son, receive excellent care and see improvements in their circumstances. She sees this organisation as a second child to her. Deaf children can hear partly thanks to speech therapy. Children who are partially deaf can recognise signals as part of their preparation. Simultaneously, children are taught to walk, eat, sleep, show sorrow, smell, and hear better. She is a caring mother who recognises her child’s difficulties. She has grown into a wonderful mother as a result of her efforts to assist many other children with the same problem.

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