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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot for Indian Couples Turns Awkward and Hot – See More Photos!

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Pre-Wedding Photoshoots in India have become extremely sensual and disastrous in recent years, as there is neither romance or love there, only sexuality and hotness. Because certain sensual photoshoots have become popular on social media, today’s youth make it a requirement to shoot in this manner, and to make matters worse, their parents approve of the photoshoot session.

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A Kerala couple recently did a viral photoshoot in which we can see the bride on the bed without a saree, staring at her groom, who is also naked. This specific photoshoot went popular after being shared on multiple Instagram pages, and the bride received lewd comments as a result. We also heard that the photograph drew over a million likes only because of the hotness factors.

This obscene photoshoot craze began before to the lockdown, when a couple in Kodaikanal started it, and we can see that the couple took the shots in an obscene manner. The female can be seen hugging the guy and flashing the pregnancy strip card inside the car, which stunned everyone at the time. Right now, pre-wedding photoshoots are extremely cheap and vulgar, and we wish this horrible trend comes to an end!

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