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For the sake of her brother’s future, she feared her marriage!!

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The father died five years ago, and the mother three years ago, leaving two children behind. Brother completed his tenth and they were left with no money and a small house made of iron sheets. Their well-wishers considered marrying her, but she refused for the sake of her brother’s future. She became her brother’s mother and father, caring for him.

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Sri Lalitha (20) is from the village of Basvapur in the pulkal Mandal of Sangareddy. Prashant was her brother’s name. Their parents died of sickness, and their children became orphans as a result of their deaths. Sri Lalitha then began to look after herself and her brother, learning to sew and earning money to support them.

“We sold the field to meet the expenses to treat our parents’ ill health, and now we have debts and have nowhere else to live,” Sri Lalitha said. If I get married and move in with my in-laws, there will be no one to look after my brother. He’ll have to deal with a lot of stuff on his own. I will take care of my brother before he finds work, and I will not marry until then.” Sri Lalitha’s storey goes like this.

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