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Friday, October 22, 2021

During the pandemic, Kajal Aggarwal made a humanitarian gesture.

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The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is now wreaking havoc on the country’s people. Many people are suffering from a shortage of food, housing, jobs, and other necessities as a result of the extreme crisis and lockdowns that have shut down much of the country’s infrastructure. Migrant workers’ plight is no less heinous: they are stranded in other states without adequate facilities or resources, and they are suffering greatly.

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Doctors, nurses, sanitary workers, police officers, and other frontline workers are all suffering greatly when attempting to hold the epidemic at bay. They are all working day and night to save the world from the current crisis and to protect the citizens of the country. Frontline employees are suffering from a shortage of adequate food, amenities, and other essentials due to the constant demand for their services.

Kaajal Aggarwal, a Tollywood star, has stepped forward to support the Million Dollar Vegan initiative, which provides plant-based meals to migrant workers, homeless people, and frontline workers. This programme would provide over 1,00,000 plant-based meals to India’s most vulnerable communities. Kajal has also asked others to enter the initiative in order to assist thousands of people who are in need.

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இதை ஷேர் செய்திடுங்கள்:

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