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2021 wedding make-up patterns

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The manner in which grand weddings take place in India, with its many values and foundations, is one of the most delightful reasons for living here. All is meticulously taken care of. And, in terms of wedding make-up trends, the patterns are always changing. Ladies have moved from serious, layered, and weighty looks to more normal looking, sparkling glam looks over the years. However, there are exceptions everywhere, given that every lady wants to put her best foot forward on her special day and stand out. Her wedding make-up game must be on point with so many eyes on her. Wedding make-up artists work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to produce these bridal looks. Radhika Sharma, COO of Lucullan Studios and Head Make-up Artist, spoke with us about the wedding make-up trends for 2021.

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Glitter Glam: Glittery eyes are a look that most ladies and bridal MUAs never shy away from. The sparkle brings the needed excitement to the whole look, to the point that a simple eye make-up can complete the look without putting a lot of effort into the other elements.

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Glowing Makeup with Loaded Blush: Using the right amount of highlighter is crucial when it comes to bridal make-up. You don’t want to put so much of it so that it blinds anyone, but you also don’t want to put too little so that it goes unnoticed.

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Minimal Base with Shimmery Eyes: Rather than opting for bolder cut-wrinkles, women and their MUAs will stick to a more basic look. Although shadings will never go out of style, perplexed looks can. Many makeup artists are attempting to modernise the wedding make-up look by combining a sleek foundation, shimmery eye shadows, and neutral lips that complement the lady of the hour’s dress. We expect to see more of this make-up trend in 2021, particularly with a minimal base and shimmery eyes.

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Bold Lipsticks: In the realm of bridal make-up, bold lipsticks reign supreme. Nothing beats a well-done, intense lip look. In 2021, there will be a flood of powerful and beautiful lip tones. The list of colours is long but impressive: brilliant pink, mulberry, deep rose, mauve, maroon, and purple. Ladies want to stand out without coming off as ostentatious, and this is the best way to do so.

Matte Colors: While we all appreciate a nice gleam, there’s something about matte cosmetics that keeps us coming back to them. Particularly during the mid-year season, when ladies with smooth or mixed skin tones look for ways to keep their make-up flawless while limiting the sparkle. A matte make-up look not only beats a monochromatic color scheme, but it also tends to be suitable for particular occasions. Furthermore, regardless of the time or the type of ability you’re taking off to, it will help keep smooth skin looking gleaming during the day.

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