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During the second wave of Covid-19, 66 doctors died in Telugu states: IMA is an acronym for the International Medical Association.

As the deadlier, more contagious second wave of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic continues to wreak havoc on Indian lives, it has been repeatedly said that the virus makes no distinction between commoners and celebrities when it comes to wreaking havoc on their bodies. Frontline workers, mainly doctors treating Covid-19 patients, are one of the professions that has found itself most susceptible in the face of the pandemic in this country.

In both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the Covid-19 second wave has claimed the lives of 66 doctors. According to the latest report from the Indian Medical Association (IMA), 624 doctors have died as a result of the disease thus far across the country. According to the IMA, the second wave of the pandemic is responsible for the majority of doctor deaths. According to the organisation, 34 doctors in Andhra Pradesh and 32 doctors in Telangana died during this time period.

The findings were revealed by the Indian Medical Association on Thursday. It was reported that the second wave killed the most doctors in Delhi, with a total of 109 deaths. Bihar came in second, with as many as 96 doctors succumbing to the coronavirus sickness. In Uttar Pradesh, 79 doctors perished, 43 in Rajasthan, and 39 in Jharkhand.

In a Tamil Nadu village, a baby girl dies after falling from her cradle.

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