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Do You Support Those Who Aren’t Your Dependents As A Millennial?

The $1.9 trillion stimulus bill was signed into law by President Obama last week. The bill would make a huge difference in many people’s lives by providing much-needed assistance to those who have been most affected by the pandemic.

For many people, particularly millennials, this is the second major economic downturn in the last decade. Several reports have surfaced about how this generation is not faring as well as previous generations, a condition that affects Black and Latinx millennials more than white millennials, especially during the pandemic.

I’d like to talk to millennials of all races who have had to stretch their financial resources to care for family members during the pandemic. I’d like to speak with millennials who provide financial assistance to people who aren’t their legal dependents. Although Black college graduates usually earn less than their white counterparts, they often assist extended family members who are struggling. Perhaps you give money to your parents on a monthly basis or pay for a nephew or niece’s childcare.

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