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Can you guess which state has the most female entrepreneurs?

Can you guess which state has the most female entrepreneurs?

Between September and December 2019, various studies were conducted across India. Tamilnadu ranks first among Indian states in terms of the number of successful female entrepreneurs. All of the researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras participated in this study.

Many factors, including ability and experience, full family support, and the necessary network opportunity, helped women entrepreneurs in the state to survive and grow in their respective fields.

Entrepreneurs were motivated to start a business by their passion and desire to create something new, their willingness to face any challenges, maintaining a work-life balance, moral support from their families, and support from their institutions, such as government subsidies.

The study was recently conducted to learn how women entrepreneurs got started on this path and continue to do so. Despite the low initial profit and income, women entrepreneurs appear content and confident in their ability to achieve their goals. It provided them with a sense of financial security, flexible working hours, job satisfaction, and the ability to influence the well-being of others.

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