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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil | Day 50 | November 22nd, 2021 | Daily Updates

The captaincy task kicks off Day 50 of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil.

The task- Large bundles of cotton will be kept in the garden area. Each contestant must fill a box with cotton. The box will then be weighed. The contestant with the most kilogrammes advances to the next round. Contestants who finish in the bottom two in that round must win the votes of their peers to advance to the next round. The last person standing will be the house’s leader.

Priyanka says during the task that Thamarai is not “qualified” to be the leader for the week because she already has a lot of emotional baggage that she must deal with at first.

This irritates Thamarai, who yells at Priyanka for the same reason.

Several contestants changed their votes during the round when Imman Annachi and Varun clashed. Imman is enraged by this. He is, however, eliminated in that round.

In the end, Abhinay wins the task and is chosen as the week’s leader.

Pavni shows the large vessel and expresses her delight at seeing a clean vessel free of food remnants for the first time in weeks. Thamarai happens to see Akshara at that time.

Thamarai and Priyanka keep fighting. Niroop unintentionally sets them off.

Priyanka maintains her position and adds that Thamarai displays anger on her face when she dislikes someone. She still insists that Thamarai must solve her own problem before she can take on the captaincy.

Priyanka then describes how Thamarai turned towards Akshara when Pavni showed her the vessel.

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Thamarai calls Akshara to confirm what they said at the time. Akshara claims she didn’t discuss anything.

Thamarai, according to Priyanka, harbours a great deal of hatred and acts in front of everyone. Thamarai claims that it is her personal matter and that no one has the authority to tell another contestant that she is unqualified to be captain of the house. Priyanka claims that it is literally the task assigned by Bigg Boss.

After that, we’ll get to the nomination.

Abhinay and Abhishek are ineligible to be nominated.

Niroop- Thamarai- She’s a drama queen.
Varun-Niroop discusses his captaincy duties.

Bigg Boss questions what happened when Thamarai enters the confession room in tears.

Thamarai claims she can’t remember if she turned towards Akshara, and Priyanka’s words are hurtful. Bigg Boss requests that she play her game on her own.

Thamarai then accuses Pavni and Priyanka Pavni of failing to support her during the captaincy task. Priyanka for telling her she doesn’t have any qualifications.

Thamarai and Pavni- Raju

Raju because he hasn’t yet played his game.

She dislikes Thamarai’s behaviour both inside and outside the house.

Pavni and Iyakki– Ciby

Ciby gave her a 0% chance of staying in the house. Pavni, like everyone else, does not appear to be able to move on from his problems.

Iyakki and Raju-Priyanka

Priyanka is a tough competitor, and he is taken in by the affection she displays.

Iyakki, because she does not speak to everyone.

Thamarai and Abhishek– Imman

Imman for becoming enraged during the captaincy task. Thamarai as a result of her rage.

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Pavni and Imman-Priyanka

Priyanka, because she is very quick to reach a conclusion. Pavni is making a lot of bad decisions based on what he hears from a few people.

Priyanka and Varun-Niroop

Niroop as a result of his reaction to Varun’s captaincy task. Priyanka for the way she yells at everyone and everything.

Imman, Priyanka-Akshara

Imman because he is partial to her, and Akshara because she scolded her when she tried to wake her up in the morning.

Niroop and Ciby-Iyakki

Iyakki lacks clarity, Niroop, because he is afraid of elimination and is acting to save himself right now.

Niroop and Akshara-Priyanka

When Priyanka targets someone, she shouts at them so loudly that it is literally irritating, and being sweet is not her true colour. Niroop is disliked because he is unhelpful to others during tasks.

Thamarai and Abhinay–Imman

Imman doesn’t do a lot of housework. Thamarai’s words inflict harm on everyone.

Priyanka, Thamarai, Niroop, Iyakki, and Imman are the final nominees.

Bigg Boss organises a dance marathon because most of the contestants do not dance to the wake-up song in the morning.

A song will be performed. Each couple must dance until the song ends. If the moves are appropriate for the song, the song will end. If it does not, a buzzer will sound.

Pavni-Imman and Abhinay-Abhishek both get booed.

Niroop is injured while attempting to enter the stage. He receives treatment while continuing to dance. He, however, fails.

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