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Ashwin Kumar’s photo with Simbu from ‘Cook with Comali’ has gone viral on social media.

The second season of Cook With Comali is almost over. Fans are disappointed that this funny show will be ending soon. They eagerly await this show week after week, and it is one of HotStar’s most-watched regional language reality shows.

Via this week’s episode, Kani and Ashwin have been chosen as finalists. We’ve posted more about it, along with images that were previously leaked on social media.

A photo of Ashwin and Sivakarthikeyan had previously gone viral on social media. It was captured during his visit to Chennai ten years ago.

Now, a never-before-seen picture of Ashwin is circulating the internet. A photo of Ashwin with actor Simbu has recently been released. It’s unclear when the photo was taken, but Ashwin seems to be wearing a different outfit.

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