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Daughters of Auto Drivers and Farmers Win BSEB Class 12 Exam, according to Bihar Board Inter Results for 2023


The class 12 or inter-board exam results for 2023 have been published by the Bihar School Education Board (BSEB). Up to 83.7% of pupils successfully completed the test. The findings for the streams in the arts, business, and sciences have been made public. In total, 82.74 percent of students in the arts stream, 93.35 percent of students in the commerce stream, and 83.93 percent of students in the science stream got the BSEB inter result.

Bihar board registered a pass percentage of 83.7% (Representational image)

The winners list has also been made public by BSEB. A Purnia resident named Kumari Pragya placed second in the province in the arts stream. She attended the Kunwari Madhav Public High School. Every day she used to bike five kilometers to get to school. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a doctor in the community. In order to one day become an IAS, Pragya now wishes to study for the UPSC civil services examination.

Bhumi Kumari received 474 out of 500 possible points to place second in the state in the commerce stream of the interscholastic test. Bhumi's father works as an auto driver, and her family's financial situation is not excellent. She claimed that she had always been motivated by her father's perseverance and wished to honor him. Despite the family's financial difficulties, Bhumi's father claimed that he never forwent paying for his children's schooling.

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Payal graduated from JNKT Inter High School in Khagaria with a class 12 diploma. Although her father is the only source of income for the family, he didn't let that stand in the way of his daughter's schooling. Payal had not only passed the class 12 board exam, but had also excelled in the class 10 board test from Arya Kanya High School in Khagaria.

Nisha, who resides in a slum on the outskirts of Patna's Stand Road VVIP neighborhood, has demonstrated that hard effort pays off. The first time she took the test, she succeeded. Nisha may reside in a modest hut-like home, but she claims that her fantasies are as expansive as a palace.

A laptop, Kindle e-book reader, and Rs 1 lakh will be awarded to the first-place BSEB finisher in each discipline. The second and third-place students will each receive a laptop, a Kindle e-reader, and Rs. 75,000. Anand Kishore, the head of the board, also revealed that students who placed fourth, fifth, and sixth in all three streams of the intermediate annual test would each receive a laptop worth Rs. 15,000.

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