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Chahatt Khanna receives a Rs. 100 Cr. legal notice from Conman Sukesh for “damaging” his reputation


: Regarding Chahat Khanna's latest accusations against the con artist, Sukesh Chandrashekhar is said to have served her with a legal notice demanding Rs 100 crore. In accordance with section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, Chahatt provided a statement last month regarding the ongoing Rs 200 extortion case in which Sukesh has been named the main offender. Sukesh served the actor with a legal notice for Rs 100 crore after the declaration in court and to the media.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar's attorney allegedly claimed that Chahat's recent words caused “injury” to Sukesh's reputation and “irreparable harm” to him, according to an ETimes story. Anant Malik, the attorney for Sukesh, has asked that the television star withdraw and take down her comments within a week or face legal action.

Along with providing a statement to the court last month, Chahat also discussed her version of the incident with the media. Chahatt stated in an interview with the Bombay Times that he proposed to her while they were meeting in Tihar Jail in 2018. Chahatt had two children and was married at the time.

Chahatt Khanna

Chahatt Khanna: Chahat claimed that in 2018, she was invited to a school event where she met Angel Khan, an alias for Pinky Irani who is supposed to have introduced Sukesh to a number of celebrities. She was driven to the jail premises in Delhi under guard once there. She met Sukesh there, who made her a proposal and offered to “be a father to (her) kids.”

Before she and Angel departed for the airport, she spent over 30 minutes in the Tihar jail. Before she left for Mumbai, she allegedly received Rs 2 lakhs in “shagun.” A few days later, she allegedly started getting ransom calls from his crew, threatening to sell her video of visiting Tihar Jail to a TV channel unless she paid Rs 10 lakhs.

I didn't want anyone to be aware that I was detained in Tihar prison. I consented to give them the money because I was also concerned about how it would effect my marriage. My marriage suffered as a result, among other things, and my husband and I divorced. Maybe I ought to have made a complaint to the police. I just wanted to get out of it, but things started happening one after the other,” she added.

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