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Amala Paul’s stunning response to obscene comments in her most recent party video

has recently proven her mettle as a serious actor by taking on hard roles in films like as ‘Aadai,’ ‘Kutty Story,’ ‘Pitta Kathalu,’ and ‘Kudi Yedamaithe.’ On a personal level, she is content, and she just had reason to rejoice with her elder brother Abhijeet Paul’s wedding.

Amala shared a video in which she made a surprise appearance at her brother’s bachelor party and shook a leg ferociously. “Crash landed at my BIG BROTHER @abijithpaul’s bachelorette with his fiancé @alcakurian and bestie @caspiannie,” she captioned the private video. Why should all the fun be reserved for the boys? Because we adore you, young men. Thanku thomachan @thomasfrancis07 and @simevents.in

The video has received over 50,000 likes, with the majority of the comments praising Amala for spending the day with her family to the fullest. However, a pervert who runs an adult meme page made the filthy remark, “The way she shaking her?? demonstrates what she desires for tonight”.

Amala Paul, who is known for putting perverts in their place, responded sarcastically to the pervert, “yeahhh you got it baby!!” Previously, the ‘Mynaa’ had returned it to another rude person, telling him to grow up. So there you have it, Amala.

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