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Actor Arya will give the first look for “THE BED,” starring Srikanth.

On January 3, 2022, the first look at ‘THE BED’ will be presented. THE BED — A novel storey told by a ‘BED’ as the narrator.

This film, ‘THE BED,’ was produced by V. Vijayakumar for Srinidhi Productions. S Mani Bharathi, who rose to prominence with his directorial debut ‘Veththu Vettu,’ has directed this project. Srikanth plays the lead in the film, and Srushti Dange plays the heroine. Others in the cast include John Vijay, Black Pandi, Pappu from Vijay TV, Devi Priya, Divya, Risha, TikTok Trichy Sadhana, Vikram Anand, Praveen Kumar, Sunnaambu Senthil, and a few other well-known actors.

This is a suspense-thriller set over the course of a weekend, with Srikanth and his pals embarking on a delightful excursion to Ooty. A strange murder unexpectedly draws them into a web of troubles, and how they deal with it becomes the centre of the plot.

Srikanth plays a young man who works in an IT firm. This will be a significant film in Srikanth’s acting career. John Vijay appears in the role of a police officer. It’s worth noting that he’s had some incredibly intimate scenes with Risha.

With the entire film shot in and around Ooty, the climatic harshness of extreme cold provided a difficulty for the entire crew, particularly actress Srushti Dange, who had to wear skimpy outfits and shake her legs for the songs despite this obstacle.

“Usually, films are portrayed via the perspective of the hero, heroine, or villain, but this film has a new-dimensional approach, where a ‘BED’ within a cottage in Ooty becomes the narrator by describing the stories and happenings about the individuals who used it,” explains director Mani Bharathi. Significantly, we as a team felt that the term ‘THE BED’ would be appropriate for the storey.”

First Look Poster of Krithi Shetty in Bangarraju

Srikanth, Srushti Dange, John Vijay, Black Pandi, Vijay TV celebrity Pappu, Devi Priya, Malayalam actress Divya, Risha, TikTok Trichy Sadhana, Vikram Anand, Praveen Kumar, Sunnaambu Senthil, and a few other notable actors star in the film.

Direction: S Mani Bharathi
Cinematography: K Gokul
Editing: J.P. (Kodi, Pattaas fame)
Music: Taj Noor
Lyrics: Yugabharathi
Art: Pazhanivel
Choreography: Dheena
Stunts: Action Prakash
Stills: Raj Prabhu
Executive Producer: A.V. Pazhanisamy
Production: V Vijayakumar
Banner: Sreenidhi Productions
Public Relations: A. John

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