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A successful Mobikwik contractor Upasana Taku

Upasana has struggled steadfastly to the top of the Blood Kashmiri and Gujarat as alma mater. She worked on her day of marriage, sharing home-cooked meals with the 5-man team, gave up her luxury lifestyle, ignored the sexual relationships patiently and faced many challenges only to return to her home country. Naturally, it wanted the businessman to call from within her, but it was also in the best interests of others.

She has left a promising career in the silicone valley just to give the under-served financial access in her country. It wasn’t until she and her husband founded MobiKwik in 2009.

She says, “MobiKwik was simple and very needs-based when talking about her company. MobiKwik was launched as a recharge platform and was soon turned into every indigenous mobile wallet. I’m proud to say MobiKwik was India’s first mobile wallet. We are somewhat dependent on whether you change or pay for mobile recharges. You can do these payments easily without worrying about the real money with the invention of MobiKwik. Therefore, your telephone works like a wallet.”

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